Solar Eclipse 2017

2 Minutes 37 Seconds

Better late than never I suppose, but we’ve got this thing together. We were fortunate to arrive in an area where we’d setup and view from the “Path of Totality”. This being the first eclipse that I’ve ever seen, and of course photographing, I’m glad the collective efforts were put forth. Witnessing what seemed to be a 20 degree drop in temperature, and just watching the environment change completely, wildlife responded as if it was early in the morning, birds chirping, crickets, and even the feeling that I was up at 0300 for a run. I also witnessed a rush of emotions as totality was reached, as soon as the Sun was completely blocked, not only from this amazing lunar experience but also one of the best things to ever happen to me, that will remain for another post some day later. There are a specific group of people to thank that helped make this happen, they know who they are. This was indeed the most intense and awesome 2 minutes and 37 seconds I’ve ever had the privilege to experience. I can’t wait for the next total Solar Eclipse, yet 2017 will be the best in memory.

You’ll see the last phase, also known as 4th Contact, was blocked by a 30 minute cloud. So we have a cloudy final phase in the composite.

©NealPagePhotography Solar Eclipse 2017